Smart Metering


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Smart metering is the first critical step in any energy management project. It is essential for an accurate bill verification and understanding your usage patterns. It provides up to date data from which informed decisions can be made.

Green Wave has installed more than 4000 power meters across Vodacom’s datacentres.

Green Wave assists with implementing power management solutions that:

Reduced Energy costs
Critical Site monitoring – Power Quality Management.
Understand your energy profile
Understanding Billing Analysis – Consumption Profile.
User Friendly systems
Scalable architecture, low cost of entry, hosted solutions.

Green Wave is an experienced BMS system implementer with a track record of well designed and implemented systems across a variety of industry sectors within the Southern African region and West Africa.


Green Wave provides expert power quality auditing and monitoring services. We assist in identifying power quality issues and what corrective steps need to be put in place.

  • Power factor correction (PFC)
  • Identify poor power quality from external or internal sources which can increase equipment breakdowns.
  • Identify and report on voltage Sags / Swells and harmonic distortions.
  • Provide substation monitoring software.
  • Municipal account verification.
  • Tenant billing and cost centre allocation.
Billing Verification
Verify your bill for accuracy
Consumption profiling
Monitor your usage and implement energy saving tactics.


  • Lower electricity bills
  • Accurate data for power quality analysis, bill verification and cost allocation
  • Live data allows you to drill down into detail and see where you are using power
  • Set benchmarks and measure targets
  • Use a common measurement such as kWh/m2 to compare buildings


  • Trend analysis – when you use power and how much
  • Energy reporting – easy to use graphics to track usage patterns
  • Utility bill verification – time of use, business tariffs, tenant billing and tariff selection
  • Peak kVA demand analysis and load shedding
  • Power quality analysis
  • Critical site monitoring
  • Cross reference site and equipment usage
  • Energy efficiency solutions to lower electricity usage

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